Customer Reviews

ETIQA Insurance

CHN is able to take the load off us in supporting our demanding insurance agent, this gives us time to focus on our core biz. CHN is a long term digital partner of Etiqa since 2014, Their continuous innovation in Enterprise Mobility as a service is what we are looking for, not just device or software, but an end to end service.

PETRONAS Refinery & Petrochemical Corporation (PRPC)

CHN is very well versed on MDM and mobile OS platforms. Together with the CHN team, we have successfully deployed and integrated with our existing infrastructure a working MDM environment, integrating with Android Enterprise. We are also the first who deployed geofencing in a big way with CHN professional services!


We have been working with CHN since 2012, whilst we have seen much growth in many parts of CHN’s business, their commitment and discipline in delivering projects ahead of schedule remains…. we need a focus partner like CHN in this fast pace digital world.

Malaysian Airline Berhad (MAB)

We chose CHN as our vendor of choice because of their completeness of mobility services, technical knowledge and experience for large scale iPads and EMM deployment. Thanks to the CHN team, we had a smooth and successful Electronic Flight Bag Deployment nationwide!


Knowledgable in Apple Business Manager integration with MDM, fast nationwide deployment of iPods with our retail stores. Always willing to go the extra miles in getting the job done👏👏👏

The Hour Glass

Very knowledgable on Apple Products and ABM….


Top-notch knowledge on MDM and Apple OS platform.

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

Proactive in providing mobile security and UEM best practices. Our vendor of choice since 2015, committed engineers and excellent SLA.


CHN’s combined knowledge in EMM and mobile OS platform (such as iOS, Android Enterprise and Window) is key to our BYOD rollout… Committed engineers even willing to come onsite during midnight to support us on our EMM requirement 👍🏻


One of the few mobility vendors who understand our existing mobility requirement and future roadmap beyond supplying EMM / MTD solution…


Fun working with CHN as they never fail to share interesting ideas to increase digital adoption in the most economical ways.

Takaful Ikhlas

Our insurance agents benefited from CHN’s Enterprise Mobility as a Service (EMaaS), through their self service CYOD portal, our agents can easily subscribe to the service at a very affordable monthly cost. This has increased our sales force’s digital adoption a great deal 👍🏻👍🏻