Insurance & Banking

Why banking sector needs digital transformation

CHN help digitalise the entire selling process if insurance and also bank assurance. Traditionally there are tons of forms that need to be filled up by the customer and they have to photostat a copy of their IC which is also additional hassle. after the form is being filled up, it takes a few more days for the application form to be sent back to headquarter and take time to process the application. In between during the approval of the application, anything might happen to the customer which they are not eligible for any claims if something happens before the application got approved.

With CHN digitalisation, CHN help to convert all forms and paper into an app in tablet, insurance agents or personal finance advisor can help customer sign up everything real-time through their fingertips. No more photostating of IC needs because using the camera of the tablet can straight away get a copy of the IC. Application done via tablet and internet can be approved within just a few minutes which can help the customer be protected at the same moment they signed up. Agent’s productivity increase because they can move on to do the next sales faster as well.