Oil & Gas and Utilities

Digital transformation fuelling progress

As an asset-heavy industry, the oil and gas sector has been in dire need of digital operations for decades – but the cost and difficulty of properly implementing a strategy in such a hardware-intensive environment have slowed progress in the past. Digital transformation is no longer an option that some companies are choosing to pursue – it is rapidly becoming impossible to function without strategies in place.

Only specialize devices are allowed to be used in the Plant for safety purposes because normally consumer devices can create spark during transmission of wave and signal. Due to the specialty of the device, the device is very regulated and expensive.

CHN assist many Oil & Gas industry to digitalise their process of the engineer in the plan by having the engineer to use specialize devices together with all the necessary apps in the tablet. CHN not only can provide the Zone 1 type of device but we are also able to provide Zone 1 type of casing. We also provide geofencing capabilities through MDM to ensure those devices are always within the perimeter of the Plant to prevent theft and lost.

With all the fieldworkers that constantly need to go to the field to do maintenance and repairs, CHN assisted them to be equipped with mobile devices or tablets so that these engineers can do their job on the go. They can use the table to do inventory checking, take pictures of the damaged parts, put in orders on the new parts they require to do the fixing and also inventory management from the warehouse when they taking spare parts to do the fixing. Besides that, these engineers are technically doing a lot of rough work and move a lot, hence CHN assisted the digitalisation process by proving to customise accessories such as chest harness, sling bag casing and ruggedize casing to make the engineer easier to use the tablet while climbing or doing rough movement and at the same time can reduce the amount of break and fix.