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We are highly skilled and experienced in implementing for local and regional customers. A Well-equipped with the best-in-class mobile ecosystem. Proven track record in providing best practice deployment for the customer.

Our Values

Our values represent who we are at Complete Human Network.  They define how we operate and how we treat each other.  Whether you’re working with or working at Complete Human Network, these values run through the organisation from top to bottom shaping our culture and how we conduct ourselves every day.

Innovative, agile & strive for excellence
Build great relationships & communities
Be optimistic & a contributor
Integrity & ownership every time
Professional Development
Be optimistic & a contributor
Build great relationships & communities

EMaaS Approach

Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service

CHN’s EMaaS approach is crafted into eight specially designed stages. Each stage plays a crucial part in identifying our client’s needs in order to provide them with intelligent technology solutions.

Mobile and BYOD Strategy and Development
1. Consulting services – We will engage with the enterprise to understand
i. whats their strategy,
ii. what is their requirement,
iii. what is the use cases,
iv. how is their employee daily operation
v. what is their challenges
vi. what is their current IT infrastructure
2. Productivity Assessment and Security Mobility Policy Setup
i. Now that what is enterprise trying to achieve, we will do a productivity assessment together with the customer on the ROI
ii. We will also together with the customer to draft out the mobility best practice on the mobility policy
3. Mobility project management and deployment
i. We do provide project management and deployment timeline
Mobile Device Procurement
1. Mobility revolves around mobile devices such as tablet and mobile phones
2. We are able to provide all range of brands and model of the device due to a strategic partnership with Samsung, Huawei, Apple, and Microsoft
3. We also do provide mobile devices accessory such as screen protector, casing, ruggedize casing, chest harness and etc
ABM – Apple Business Manager / Android Zero Touch
Hardware that provided by us can be bundle with or without deployment solution such as Apple Business Manager without additional charges.
With Apple Business Manager together with Mobile Device Management, we can help enterprise easily manage and deploy devices to the end user without the interference of IT people
EMM Deployment
1. Now that you have all the mobile devices, how are you going to:
i. manage the device
ii. push applications to the device
iii. push update to the device
iv. Ensure there is a passcode to lock the device
v. Ensure data is safe in the device
vi. Ensure data will not be leaked for a malicious reason
2. EMM which is Enterprise Mobility Management does solve all the concern above, CHN carry multiple ranges of EMM to best suit different scenario
3. We carry EMM such as:
i. MobileIron
ii. VMware workspace One
iii. Samsung Knox
iv. IBM Maas360
Complete Device Lifecycle Management
1. Mobile device lifecycle is shorter than the traditional laptop and desktop
2. Mobile device has a new model and OS every year
3. Standard mobile device lifecycle is 2 or 3 years
4. What happens to those devices that being used after 2 or 3 years?
5. How is enterprise going to dispose of it?
6. Complete device lifecycle management solve all the above problem, where CHN will provide the hardware for enterprise to use it as a service over a period of 2 or 3 years
7. After 2 or 3 years, we will collect back the device and provide a new model of the device
8. With this, enterprise enjoys the benefit of :
i. Technology refresh every 2 or 3 years
ii. Hassle free Device Disposal
iii. Healthy cash flow as no upfront payment needed
iv. OPEX model instead of CAPEX model
Customer Onboarding and Enablement
1. We assist the enterprise in rolling out the device to production
2. We help set up the device out of the box
3. We help configure the device according to the need of enterprise
4. End-user enjoy the benefit of using the device without the need to worry how to setup or configuring it
Service Optimization with Telco and Mobile Application
CHN has a strong partnership with telco such as Celcom to bundle in SIM card together with broadband service to enable customer for mobile data
24X7 Helpdesk Support
Lastly, CHN do have our own call center to provide nationwide phone call support to end user. CHN has the skill to troubleshoot all issue related to a mobile device, such as iOS, Android, Network, and App on the device. Hence this will be a one-stop center for the end user to call for help regardless of the issue that they facing on the mobile device